An Tobar Nua

We are a multi-denominational Christian group who have been leading secondary school retreats across the country for over 10 years. We are currently delivering retreats in Connaught, Leinster, Munster, and Ulster, including Community and Comprehensive, Religious Order, and ETB schools.

Feedback from Students and Teachers

Maura Gilmore - St. Attracta's Community School - Co Sligo

We have had the pleasure of working with An Tobar Nua for the past two years and I would highly rate this team. I have always found them to be flexible and adaptable to the school environment, creating a relaxed and fun atmosphere, delivering their well organised and thoroughly thought through theme using various mediums which capture and hold the attention of the audience from start to finish. They present to the students in a relevant, fun and interactive way, which ensures each group understands the message designed and delivered in an age appropriate manner, thus fully participating and benefiting from an enriching and enjoyable experience both personally and spiritually.  I look forward to a continued successful working relationship with An Tobar Nua for many years to come.

Orla McGrath - Marist College, Athlone

An Tobar Nua facilitated outstanding retreats for our 1st year, 2nd year and TY students. The content of the day was structured around all things relevant to their young lives. The boys found the retreat meaningful and fun. They particularly liked the story element of the day and the active games. An Tobar Nua are professional, well organized and contemporary. I would wholeheartedly recommend this team.

Student Response

I learned more about life in general. I realised that a lot of others struggle too and that we just have to hang on and keep going and that there will always be a light at the end of the darkness. This retreat made me feel less lonely and like I have a guide with me always through the rough times. This also helped me realise that I am actually worth it even if I never realised it.

Student Response

Good day was really fun. It helped me a lot since I am suffering from depression and rarely smile. It also helped me with methods of coping with bad things at home. Also it made me realise I wasn’t alone and It made me feel wanted my my classmates which I have never felt before.

Student Response

I would like to thank all of you for today. I have always believed in God but this has helped me get rid of any doubt. I really enjoyed the reflection session and of course the games. I felt as though they brought us closer as a class. I want to live my life with God in it.

Anne-Marie Dolan - Chaplain at Clongowes Wood College

An Tobar Nua have been an excellent new addition to our retreats this year. The team are young, fun and energetic with a deep sense & understanding of the Spiritual. Our students were totally engaged and very much enjoyed the day and the environment that was created for them. By the end of the retreat, the students echoed that they had walked away from a very 'fun, dynamic, special & thought provoking experience'.

Student Response

I really enjoyed my experience. It was lovely to be around such positive people and it was a brilliant experience to have during a difficult time like the Leaving Cert.

Student Response

It was good. It really showed me a different perspective on God and religion. Today showed me that we can make mistakes in life but that God will forgive us.

Student Response

The  staff made me feel comfortable and if I wanted to speak up I could. I felt like I wasn’t pressured in believing in God but I do feel like I came away from today closer to him.

Student Response

I thought today was very inspiring. I have come away with many valuable skills. It gave me great insight to people in my year and it also helped me look at my life better.

Tony Nolan - Chaplain at Cashel Community School

We worked with An Tobar Nua for the first time this year. A fulfilling experience led students on a wellbeing and spiritual path under the guidance of a very professional, dedicated and experienced team of retreat leaders. We look forward to working with An Tobar Nua again.

Student Response

I loved the games because they were so fun and challenging. I loved my gold stone and the stories were so inspiring and interesting. I learnt that I can bounce back. I loved this retreat. It made me happy.

Student Response

Today was unreal. It was surprisingly moving, you guys made the topic of Jesus and his beliefs very enjoyable. You guys made me really think deep about it.

Adrian Mc Grath - Lay Chaplain for Galway Community College

I have been involved for the last two years with organising school retreats with An Tobar Nua. I have found the students who attend the retreats find it hugely beneficial. We are a multi-denominational school therefore the attendance on the retreat for students is optional. However every time a class is offered the opportunity to attend, students make the decision to go. Students tell me they find the leaders are very understanding of the different backgrounds students come from, they engage on a level which students can understand. They give a good mixture of religion and wellbeing which caters for all faith/no faith backgrounds. I can give no better compliment to An Tobar Nua than our students look forward to going back there every year. It is the first question I am asked in September, "when are we going to An Tobar Nua?" This shows me how much the students enjoy and benefit from their retreat in An Tobar Nua.

Student Response

Thank you. You opened my eyes even more. I have even more faith and hope in God. I had many experiences with God’s existence and today was one of them. Through all your stories I felt God. God is here with us. You thought me more than I already knew. Thank you.

Alison Holton - Chaplain for Bailieborough Community School

An Tobar Nua provided an energetic, relevant and meaningful retreat to our TY students. Throughout the day, the students were fully engaged in the many activities and they all gave positive feedback about the experience. I would highly recommend the team to other schools.

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There is no charge for our retreats if we come to your school, although as a charity we gratefully accept donations. We cater to all secondary school years, 1st through 6th Years, and our team can facilitate both large and small groups. 

We are committed to the safety of students and teachers by complying with the latest government, HSE and Department of Education COVID-19 guidelines on each retreat.