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SAOL is a media resource, comprised of professionally recorded video segments, animation, discussion questions and curated activities, created to be used in the classroom. 

There are six episodes covering six different topics - Purpose, Peace, Hope, Freedom, Happiness and Love.

SAOL is intentionally written to support the NCCA’s Learning Outcomes for the Irish Religious Education Curriculum. It can be used as both a complementary resource for teachers teaching the RE exam syllabus, or simply as content for non-exam RE classes.

SAOL is a resource that is facilitated by a teacher, with the support of FAQs, suggested teaching plans, tips on engaging conversations among students, additional team building exercises with each episode, and other hints as to how SAOL can be as supportive as possible within the classroom setting.

What is SAOL?

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Frequently Asked Questions

SAOL is offered free of charge to all registered users. As a charity, we do gratefully accept any donations to help defray the costs of production. If you’d like to donate, please contact us for our IBAN.

Our SAOL delivery site is intended to be a one-stop shop to house all the materials. To present the SAOL video to your students, you will need a laptop or other internet-enabled device and a projection method with sound capabilities. Access to a printer and/or photocopier may be helpful if you would like to print off the Teacher Resource Guide or the student handouts.

Our hope is that SAOL is available to all students. If you have a student with additional needs, please contact us to see how we can assist.

Using SAOL as a resource in your classroom and having An Tobar Nua to your school for a student Retreat supports different curriculums. SAOL is designed to support the Religious Education Curriculum, while the Retreats we offer contribute to the Wellbeing Curriculum. They are complementary, in that both cover topics which are relevant to students today in an engaging way that provides practical well-being tips and encourages faith and spiritual engagement. Students may appreciate a deeper dive into the topics of SAOL after an An Tobar Nua Retreat, or in preparation for one.

You can use SAOL as a resource for as many classes and as many year groups as you require.

Accounts are designed to be specific to one teacher, so we would recommend that each user creates their own account. This will help prevent playback issues if the same login is trying to access content at the same time.

Although SAOL has been created to line up with the Learning Outcomes of both the Junior and Senior cycles, you are welcome to use it as a resource outside of the classroom, also - for example, a parish youth group or youth club.

SAOL will be available for the 2022-23 school year. Sign up with your email address to get notified when the content is live!

We think so! Although SAOL shares the Christian perspective on the six topics in the series, we also give tips on how to grow those topics in a student’s life, irrespective of their faith background.